Pat Breslin For BOE
Bridgewater - Raritan


Patrick J. Breslin

Candidate for Bridgewater-Raritan

Board of  Education

Background Information

I have been a resident of Bridgewater for 19 years and am married with 2 children in the district (BR-Middle School and BR- High School).

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1974), with postgraduate courses and studies in psychology, accounting, computer programming, marketing and management.

My early professional experiences were as a Special Education teacher, and a counselor and administrator in the public mental health field.

When I entered the private sector I started in investment banking (stockbroker) and sales and was later recruited by Bell of Pa. and AT&T to apply business sales strategies to the financial services industry. My career with AT&T included marketing, product design, product management, management of product development and system integration efforts, and the creation and deployment of technical support organizations.

After leaving AT&T in 1997 I established a business and technical consulting service.

In 2004 my wife and I started the adoption process for our daughters and I became a semi-retired stay at home dad. We've always placed a high priority on "giving back" and the natural thing seemed to be involvement in our daughters' education.

Prior to my election in the spring of 2009 I was involved in the following areas.

  • Adamsville PTO member - 5 years
  • Adamsville representative to the BOE - 4+ years,
  • Member of the District Committee for Curriculum and Instruction
  • Member of the District's Strategic Planning Committee,
  • Co-Chair of the District's Resource Action Plan sub-committee.


As a member of the Board of Education I’ve served in the following areas.

·         2009 – 2010

o   Finance Committee, Curriculum Committee, Facilities Committee

o   Ad Hoc Activitiy Fee Committee

·         2010 – 2011

o   Finance Committee, Curriculum Committee, Facilities Committee

·         2011 – 2012

o   Board Vice President

o   Facilities Committee Chairman, Policy Committee, HIB Committee

o   Ad Hoc Committees; Negotiations and Redistricting

o   Board Member – Somerset County Educational Services Commission